Eternal Preparation

My current counselor, Haley, has been urging me to exchange a portion of my full-time work activities for recreational outings.

We’ve been able to divine that an innate quest for validation has permeated my waking hours. An obvious esteem deficiency on my part being the motivation, I suspect.

It was at the onset of winter that we initiated this plan, and weather (or perhaps climate) has been a significant obstacle to the implementation of the scheme.

We’ve realized, in the interim, that I appear to be well equipped for an assortment of outdoor activities. And yet, haven’t actually been in the habit of actively engaging with any.

Drilling down through this realization, it appears that the camping gear, off road vehicle, bicycle, and other myriad tools, materials, and miscellaneous clutter are associated with a need to be self-sufficient. Possessing these items translates to protecting myself from circumstances that I otherwise exert no control.

The power in our neighborhood went out one evening, but we obliviously continued soaking in a movie in our living room. Battery backup equipment.

If we lose heat, the camping heater can safely keep us warm. Our garage holds enough tools, supplies, and equipment to address any likely repair. Our Jeep gets us where we need to be in any snowstorm, and curbs are just a suggestion when I feel immobilized.

It appears that control, structure, and the ability to get away (if necessary) are ingrained in the general road-map of my life. Being well-equipped for recreational activities is effectively a side-effect.

Having connected those dots, taking a break, and using those resources in the pursuit of enjoyment is the project at hand.

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